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Simpl Website Builder & iOS9 - Read This Before You Update

5 Ways to Make Your Simpl Website Even More Effective

by Melodie Thompson

So, you’ve downloaded Simpl app, created a name for your website and you've added some photos and text. Yet you feel like there must be more. Here are 5 things that are often overlooked when publishing websites for the first time:  

1. Facebook & Twitter links 
In your app settings, take a minute to copy in links to your business Facebook and Twitter pages. This will give your clients another way to interact with you and create a cohesive web presence. You can find the icons at the bottom of the homepage. (TIP: Linking to your website from your social media accounts is also a great idea!) 
Simpl Website Example: 

2. Completing the 'Details' section
When setting up your website this area is sometimes overlooked, but it is an easy way to help search engines find you. The Details section of the app is the ideal place to use keyword descriptions that not only describe your company to clients but to search engines as well. Keywords, descriptive words and links are all powerful tools for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

3. Creating and Adding a Video 
Simpl has made it easy to add YouTube videos, so if your business already has a YouTube account then you can add videos from this account to your Simpl website. Don't have a video yet? Why not create one! Try making a 1 minute video that will showcase your business and invite customers to explore the service you offer. Your website and blog will look more polished and you can use the video on your social media sites to drum up more interest in your business.

4. Creating Space for your Contact Details
Whether you put your email at the bottom of the Homepage, or create a Contact/About Us page, make sure there is a clearly marked way for people to reach you. If customers will be ordering a product, they will want to know that they can contact you for more details. Check out what this Simpl user, The Velvet Glove, has done to ensure their prospective clients can contact them. 
Simpl Website Example: 

5. Jazz it up!
Your website should be a reflection of your business and your values, but that doesn't mean it can't be personalised in fun ways. Simpl will recognise emojis that are available on your iPad and iPhone in the titles and headers of your webpage. Take advantage of these fun and simple design elements to make your space a little more YOU!
Simpl Website Example:


No matter what you are building a website for or where you are doing it, it is always a good idea to take a step back before publishing or updating your website and try out the ‘Preview’ button feature at the bottom of the screen. This is a great way to see how things will look.  Even after publishing it is important to visit each page of your site as a visitor and try clicking on each link/hyperlink and page you have made. Make sure all links go where you want them to go and each webpage you have created is displaying appropriately. Then go ahead and share your website with the world! 

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