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How do I add videos? Can I change my username?How do I change my payment details?Will my website show up on Google?

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9 OCT 2014
Simpl is now optimised for iOS 8. Free update on the App Store.


There are no known issues at present.

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The Simpl Guide To Website Success:

#1 - Find Your Passion

#2 - Do The Basics

#3 - Google, Bing & Yahoo!

#4 - Think About Links

#5 - Craft Your Words

#6 - Create Email Signatures

#7 - Update Little & Often

#8 - Add Hero Images

Repointing a domain name


The App

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Customer Service


What is Simpl?

It's a free website-builder app for your iPhone or iPad. Get the app and add your content. Then publish your new website right from the app. It's that simple!

Can I try before I buy?

Be our guest. Everyone gets a free two week trial of their website.

Is Simpl iOS8-ready?

Yes, Simpl 3.0.1 is optimised for iOS8!

Is Simpl available for iPhone?

Yes! Simpl is now on iPhone and iPad.

Will Simpl make me breakfast?

How do you like your eggs?

The App

How quickly can I build a website?

It takes just a few minutes. Add your content, choose a theme and publish!

How many pages can I have?

Simpl app builds a website of up to 8x pages.

What types of pages can I create?

There are five page types: Text, Quote, Photos, News or Contact.

How many photos can I add to a photo gallery?

There is space for 18x photos. Simpl also supports multiple photo galleries.

Can I use Simpl to make a blog?

Yes - a News page lists your entries in date order, like a simple blog.

How many items can I have on a News (blog) page?

Up to 200x are stored on your device, of which the 20x most recent are published.

How do I add videos?

Choose any video on YouTube, or upload your own video to YouTube first. Then simply add it from within the app.

How do I add links?

Select the text you wish to turn into a link, and tap on the "chain" icon next to the bold/italic buttons. Then in the Create link pop-up, add your website address after the "http://" bit (eg "") and tap "Done".

Can I add an email address link?

Yes. On the Create link pop-up, instead of using "", use the format "". This works on any Text or News page. On a Contact page, email links are automatically created.

How do I publish my new website?

Create your account and publish from the Settings section of the app. You can also share your website updates to Facebook & Twitter.

What's the difference between preview and publish?

Preview shows the website you’ve made, just on your iPhone or iPad. Publishing puts your website on the internet for everyone to see.

Can I add HTML snippets?

We designed Simpl to be, well, simple. So HTML or other snippet integration is not currently supported. Sorry!

What about website stats and analytics?

We will be adding website analytics in due course. For now we are 100% focused on supporting our users to help them get the right traffic to their websites.

What can we expect in the next release?

That would be telling! Sign up for emails and you’ll be among the first to know.

Simpl Websites

Can I repoint my domain to my Simpl website?

For sure. Check out this article for instructions.

Can I change the way my website looks?

Sure, just choose a new theme in the Settings section of the app.

Are there more website themes coming?

Yes, we have more themes in the works that we think our users will love!

Does Simpl make mobile-ready websites?

Yes. Simpl websites work on mobile devices (phones and tablets) as well as good ol' PCs. We believe in a mobile future, and there's more to come on this.

Where does my new website appear?

Your website appears at:
Note: is also just fine.

Where is my website hosted?

We host all Simpl websites on secure, dedicated, constantly monitored servers provided by our friends over at Media Temple.

Will my website show up on Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Yes, though it is important to let search engines know. Just visit these links: Google - Yahoo/Bing. Alternatively, contact us and we'll gladly do it for you.
Note: Your website address "" works from day one - just type it into the address bar of any browser. (This can be with or without the "http://" bit.)

My changes aren't showing on my website

Click or tap the "Refresh" button in your browser for the latest version of the page you just published. This is normally a circular arrow shape.

User Accounts

How do I create a Simpl account?

Create your account from within the app the first time you publish.

I'm having problems logging in

When logging into your account, remember that your username does not include "". If you are unsure of your username, check the confirmation email you were sent at signup, or see Settings > Publish in the app.

Can I change my username?

Sorry, we don’t offer this service at the moment. However, you can create a new username and website at any point if you wish - see below.

Who is eligible for a free trial?

Everyone is, though you must be over 13 years of age.

I lost my password / I need to change my password?

Fear not! You can reset your password really easily.

I can't remember my username

Check your email (and spam folder) for your original signup email. Or, in Settings > Publish there will be a link to your published website, eg The "username" part is what you need.


How much is my Simpl website?

After your free trial, it’s just US$4.99 a month, or the equivalent in your currency.

What do I get for my money?

We host your website securely, around-the-clock. By subscribing, you’re helping us serve up tasty new features in the future too.

Is there a minimum contract?


How do I change my payment details?

If you have a PayPal account, you can do it there. If not, we will need to cancel your old subscription and invite you to start a new one. Don't worry, you won't need to create your website again. All we need is a Transaction ID or Payment ID from a recent PayPal invoice. Please send this using our contact form.

Customer Service

Can I start a new Simpl website with a new username?

Yes. You can delete the app - though be aware you will lose your old website permanently. Then, download the app fresh from the App Store and create a new Simpl account, which you can use to publish as before.

How do I delete my website?

Websites with no subscription are automatically deleted when the free trial ends.

Why was my account suspended?

This can happen for various reasons, but the good news it's easy to fix. Contact us and we'll help you get things back on track.

I didn't get a reply from Simpl

Please check your spam folder in case our reply went there. Also please check your spam filter settings. If you still can't see our reply, please let us know.


Question still not answered? Get in touch.