Repointing a domain name

Your Simpl website is published at However you can easily bring-your-own domain name (eg by first purchasing it from another provider and then simply repointing it to your Simpl website.

Note: There is no need to transfer the domain name itself. No technical changes to DNS records or nameservers are required with Simpl. :)

There are two ways you can repoint your domain name:

Unframed (or unmasked) forwarding [Recommended]

With this option, your website visitors will be sent from to, which will appear in the address bar of their browser. This allows other websites to link to your individual pages much more easily, and will make your web pages will be more visible on search engines. This is the domain repointing method recommended by Simpl.

Here are links to some of the top domain registrars that will show you how to set this up:

Framed (or masked) forwarding

Simpl recommends unframed forwarding as above.

With framed forwarding, your website visitors will always see in the address bar of their browser, no matter what page of your website they are on. This is great for brand consistency, although it can be harder for you and others link to an individual page and it may make your pages less visible on search engines. Some outbound links from your website to other websites (eg the social media icons in your website footer) may not work for some users on some browsers.

Here are links to some of the top domain registrars that will show you how to set this up:

My domain registration service isn't listed here

Don't worry, all good domain registration services will have help/support articles on web forwarding on their websites. Please contact them and they will be able to help.

What does Simpl recommend?

Overall, we recommend the first option, unframed forwarding, for a simple and effective solution.

We do understand that most people find the area of domain names pretty complicated. So we are working on a mechanism for easy domain name purchase and integration with your Simpl website, and we expect to roll this out in the future.

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