Simpl 3.3 Goes Live With PayPal Shipping, Signups & Schools

*New* Add PayPal Shipping To Your Website Shop

Simpl 3.3 is live in the App Store bringing more of our most-requested features!

You asked to add shipping costs to your Simpl Shop. Well, now you can. :) You'll find this option by each product's price in the app.

But there's more...

*New* Faster, Easier Signups

We've improved the signup process and made our emails mobile-friendly. So it's now even easier to get started with Simpl, with better email support too.

*New* Education Group Discounts

We're stoked that so many teachers and students use Simpl in the classroom. We now offer discounted pricing for school groups. Contact our Support Desk to discuss your requirements.

Lastly, our tech team squashed a ton of bugs, including an annoying copy-and-paste crash bug. Yeah, that one.

Get all this and more today. Update to Simpl 3.3 now, it's a free update as always!

Scheduled Maintenance

Web 17th Feb 2016: Scheduled Maintenance

We are upgrading Simpl's server today in preparation for an exciting year ahead. There may be small service interruptions to publishing, websites and payments during the day.

Please bear with us. We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. For updates see our Support Desk, Facebook & Twitter.

PS For those on our mailing list, this is the maintenance we gave notice of last week, which was moved to today. We found it was a bigger job requiring an upgrade to a shiny new server.

2016 Press Kit Now Available For Simpl Website Builder

iPad and website in café

App reviewer, journalist, blogger? The 2016 Press Kit for Simpl Website Builder is now available with high quality screenshots, app review guide, lifestyle photos and much more. Download the 2016 Press Kit here.

Online Shop: App Update Fixes Bug

Online Shop is Back Open for Business

Online shops are definitely one of Simpl's most popular website builder features. So we were sad to discover a small bug after our iOS 9 update. This caused a message to appear when a verifying PayPal account for a shop, that said you needed to be connected to the internet, when in fact you already were connected.

We're happy to report that the bug is fixed and the mobile app update has been approved. So, new shop users can once again be open for business! Simpl 3.2.3 is the app version needed to fix the bug on your mobile device.

Simpl for iOS 9 Goes Live in App Store

Simpl's latest app update, bringing improvements for iOS 9, is now live in the App Store. Thanks to our developers for their stellar work, to Apple for a great new version of their OS, and most importantly to you our users for creating websites with Simpl!

Simpl & iOS 9: 'Wait to Update'

Simpl & iOS9: Wait To Update Website Builder App

Apple is releasing iOS9 today for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Once again, Simpl is proud to be among the first wave of apps to be optimised for it. Once again our developers have done a phenomenal job in a very short space of time. However, our advice with big new software releases is always:

'Wait To Update'.

We recommend waiting before updating both iOS9 and Simpl for two reasons:

  1. It's a good idea to wait around a month until iOS 9.1 ships. This will squash any major bugs that are in iOS 9.0 - and spare you the pain of experiencing them.

  2. The update to Simpl's Website Builder App may take 10-14 days to be approved. While we have thoroughly tested it, we cannot guarantee that there won't be a few small things to fix, so there may be another small update very soon.

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#TheWebsiteBuilder 03: 5 Ways To Make Your Simpl Website Even More Effective

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#TheWebsiteBuilder: How To Increase Website Traffic

#TheWebsiteBuilder: Website Tips & Inspiration from Simpl

Simpl has just launched a brand new email newsletter!

#thewebsitebuilder is designed for people like you who make websites and often run home businesses too. The newsletter is packed with tips and inspiration from around the web, plus insightful articles we have written especially for you.

Feast your eyes on the first edition here:
#TheWebsiteBuilder: How To Increase Your Website Traffic

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5 Ways to Make Your Simpl Website Even More Effective

Melodie, Website Builder Blog

by Melodie Thompson, on the Website Builder Blog

So, you’ve downloaded Simpl app, created a name for your website and you've added some photos and text. Yet you feel like there must be more. Here are 5 things that are often overlooked when publishing websites for the first time:

  1. Facebook & Twitter links
    In your app settings, take a minute to copy in links to your business Facebook and Twitter pages. This will give your clients another way to interact with you and create a cohesive web presence. You can find the icons at the bottom of the homepage. (TIP: Linking to your website from your social media accounts is also a great idea!)
    Simpl Website Example:
  2. Completing the 'Details' section
    When setting up your website this area is sometimes overlooked, but it is an easy way to help search engines find you. The Details section of the app is the ideal place to use keyword descriptions that not only describe your company to clients but to search engines as well. Keywords, descriptive words and links are all powerful tools for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Read the whole article "5 Ways to Make Your Simpl Website Even More Effective" on the Website Builder Blog...

Simpl Rated 5 Stars On US App Store

Great news - Simpl has now hit the 'gold standard' of 5 stars ★★★★★ on the US App Store too!* As of today, Simpl is officially 5 stars in UK, USA and Canada - and is the pioneering web site builder with such high ratings on the App Store. Not yet got Simpl? Download our award-winning webpage creator today.

* Simpl was rated 5 stars for version 3.2.1 in UK, USA and Canada on 12th August 2015., Support Desk & Website Builder Blog are Mobile-Friendly

Simpl has strong momentum thanks to the incredible support of our customers. Our award-winning app is now rated ★★★★★ five stars and is No.1 on the App Store for website builders!*

Plus the amazing response to our discounted pricing options has been truly humbling.

Today, we have more great news to share with you.

Starting with our iPad app 3 years ago, Simpl has always been a pioneering, mobile-first company. Last year we added the iPhone app AND offered mobile-friendly website themes - a long time before most site builders and 14 months ahead of Google's big change to its mobile search results. We just love mobile!

Today Simpl is delighted to announce that our own website is also now mobile-friendly. Take a look from your iPhone or iPad and you'll see that it looks great, is much easier-to navigate, has crystal-clear fonts and spacing. We've worked hard to make it a thing of beauty.

Plus our Support Desk and all-new Website Builder Blog are mobile-optimised too.

We are a small, independent company and we couldn't have got this far without people like you. Thanks for supporting us on the journey and please let us know if there is any way we can serve you better.

* Simpl was rated 5 stars in UK and Canada in July 2015, and 4.5 stars in USA. Simpl was the first result on the UK App Store for the search term 'website builder' in July 2015.

'Gold Standard' on the App Store

Five star website builder app

We're pretty excited today: Simpl has achieved the 'gold standard' 5 star App Store rating in UK & Canada. In the USA, the app has an exceptional 4.5 star rating too.

It's pretty rare for apps to hit 5 stars, so we are stoked. And it's important - if sad - to underline the fact that these are genuine ratings and not paid-for fakes.

The Simpl team is honoured by the trust our users and customers have placed in us. Thanks to all those who have reviewed/rated the app. We appreciate you!

Simpl Launches Website Builder Blog

Website Builder Blog

Simpl is excited to announce the launch of the Website Builder Blog. Packed with tips, advice, and real-life examples from website builders like you using Simpl app, the blog is a free, constantly updated resource for website creators everywhere.

The blog address is easy to remember:

We've listed 7 of our favourite blog posts here (there are 40+ bite-sized posts already, so something for everyone):

We'll be posting to the Website Builder Blog frequently, and sending some of the very best bits to our users by email. If you're not yet on our mailing list, sign up from the bottom of this page (scroll right down). And if there's something you'd like us to cover on the blog, just let us know!

PS The new blog replaces the website beginner steps on Website Success but don't worry, the eight great tips from there are on the new blog and on our Support Desk.

Simpl 3.2.1 Now Live

Our newest release has just gone live on the App Store. The aim of Simpl version 3.2.1 is to improve our service to users. With the latest update to Simpl website builder:

We’re excited by this release and the benefits it will bring to all our users. Get the new version of the app here today.

Scheduled Maintenance

On Thu 21st May 2015, Simpl will perform scheduled maintenance work on its servers. Please note that some functions of the app may be affected, and websites may also be unavailable during this time. While work is ongoing, updates will be made on Facebook and Twitter.

Simpl will make best efforts to minimise the disruption. We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience.

The Simpl Team

We've Wrapped Up Our Next Update

We've wrapped up our next update.

Simpl's next update has been sent to Apple for approval.

Changes To Simpl's Terms Of Service

On Thu 21st May 2015 we will be updating the Terms of Service for all users of Simpl. The changes are relatively minor and will include the addition of references to our iPhone app, as well as making some prohibited uses of Simpl websites clearer. A link to the new full Terms of Service will appear on this blog post shortly.

UPDATE (19th May 2015): The new Terms of Service are now available here

The use of Simpl app, the cloud restore service, and the website hosting service on or after 21st May 2015 will constitute agreement to the amended Terms of Service. Users and customers who do not wish to agree to the new terms should discontinue use of the app. We hope our updated terms will be of benefit to all our users.

The Simpl Team

Changes To Simpl's Pricing

From Wed 20th May 2015 we are making changes and improvements to pricing, to better support our customers. We are excited to let you know about these changes and how you can benefit.

Simpl has always been a free download on the App Store. So first off, we are pleased to confirm that Simpl app and its updates will remain free of charge.

1. Monthly Subscriptions Frozen

For existing users, we are delighted to announce that we are freezing the monthly hosting subscription at $4.99. This is the same price we have held since Simpl launched. We are doing this to say a huge “thank you” for your phenomenal support. But the good news doesn’t stop there…

2. NEW Annual Subscriptions — Get Two Months Free!

Many of you have asked to pay yearly. So we are happy to announce a new annual subscription of only $49.00 for existing users, giving you two months free. This lowers the monthly cost to just $4.08. We think this is a really sweet deal and we hope you agree!

3. New Starting Price — Two Months Free With Annual Subscription

After 20th May 2015, our starting price will rise to $7.99 monthly, or $79.00 annually with two months free. The app now delivers YouTube video integration, PayPal shop and mobile-ready themes on both iPhone and iPad, and the new price reflects these great features. New customers will save money with the annual subscription, giving two months of free website hosting, which lowers the monthly cost to just $6.58. It’s a very affordable deal for home business users.

Subscribe Now To Get The Old Price!

Everyone who has created a Simpl username on or before Wed 20th May 2015 will automatically be offered the old monthly and annual subscriptions when they login. To create a Simpl username, you must download the app AND publish your website for the first time by 20th May 2015. You will then be able to login with that username and purchase your subscription at the lower rate. Usernames created after this date will not qualify for the old pricing.

Subscribe Now

We are excited to announce these pricing options for the benefit of all users. Remember, you can subscribe now to get the old pricing, but prices for new usernames will rise after Wed 20th May 2015.

Best wishes
The Simpl Team

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