Meet the Team


Jon Harris

Jon has been creating websites since almost the last millennium. He is the founder of Simpl and leads on product development, creative direction and future strategy. Or, to put it another way, he is making it up as he goes along. Jon will happily give you a ride in his Mini Cooper if you ask him nicely.


Chris Staplehurst

Chris heads up the marketing at Simpl. He is a bag of enthusiasm, an entrepreneur and enjoys social media statistics. He loves networking and scribbling with a notepad and pen. A Leicester City supporter and a gardener who hopes to make Simpl even more ‘fruitful’!


Rob Borley

Rob heads up app-building company Dootrix, where he is the sounding board for app functionality and design. He loves turning fantastic ideas into apps and has written the word ‘Simpl’ so many times that he can no longer spell ‘simple’. Not surprising, as he’s also a Spurs supporter.


Kevin Smith

Kev is also a Dootrix guy and is the technical lead for the Simpl production team. He’s the man with magic in his fingers: apparently producing something as simple to use as Simpl is not as simple as it looks. Kev is a paper-folding ninja and is the only person in the world to not have a Facebook account.

Special thanks to the following who have contributed mightily to Simpl: Matt Field (front-end developer), Helen Crawford (freelance writer), John Byrne (cartoonist), Conrad Gempf (voiceover legend), Dan Harris (videographer) and a small army of encouragers.